One Forest – Communal Wishing Tree

This project (my final piece of work for my Masters in Illustration and Authorial Practice at Falmouth University) was originally going to be focusing on children’s responses to the climate change crisis. Leaves made of recycled paper have been cut out and were ready to be sent to primary schools around the globe, asking each child to create their own wishing leaf – they could draw on it, paint it, collage, write something, whatever they wanted, but the brief was this: “If you could wish the world better, what would that look like? What would your wish be?” The leaves would then be posted back, scanned in and made into a book and then installed on a wishing tree sculpture I was making for our final show in September 2020.

Now, of course, we all find ourselves in a very different position. With the threat of the Coronavirus closing schools around the globe and keeping us in isolation, I would like this project to be a response to that and a way of bringing us all together. No matter what your age, where you are from or whatever your artistic ability, please join us in creating a leaf and contributing it to our communal tree of good wishes. Download one of the templates from the gallery and make your leaf your own. You can photograph or scan them back and upload them here, or email them to me, or post them if you would like. If we are out of the woods (as it were) in time for the final show then the wishing tree will still be installed and you will be welcome to visit. If not I will find other ways of displaying our beautiful tree, and I will put together a book about the project regardless. We are one forest 🙂

A link to the blog for this project and accompanying critical publication can be found here.

Please download a leaf by right-clicking on an image and saving to your computer, then email them to or post on our Facebook page,

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